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We want to provide to all the inhabitants in the neighbourhood of our operation a sense of health safety, and provide the patients with top quality medical services on a high ethical level.

Quality Policy in the Health Care Centre in Końskie

For completing the mission, the strategy of implementing goals has been determined identified in processes conducted in accordance with principles contained in valid medical standards and procedures. The activity of employees aims to deliver to the patients medical services of highest quality and is implemented based on the most recent achievements in medical knowledge by specialist staff bearing high professional experience.

  • Focus on patients and their needs
    All processes are subject to monitoring and evaluation, their implementation is directed to the patient's satisfaction and satisfying his or her needs.
  • Personnel's involvement
    Systematically raising their qualifications, the personnel is able to plan diagnostic, medicinal and care processes so that to reach the assumed goals and perform strategies of the institution.
  • System approach to quality management
    The processes in the quality management system are subject to planning, implementation, auditing, improvement and documentation.
  • Improvement of our actions
    The effects of the activities of the institution are monitored continuously by competent internal auditors, and identified shortcomings are eliminated on the current basis
  • Beneficial relations with suppliers
    Suppliers are systematically appraised and controlled. They are treated equally to the other participants of the processes. On their reliability depends the satisfaction of the patients using our services.