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Best Quality Award and Quality International sign for ZOZ in Końskie

Hospital without pain

Hospital in Końskie from 2009 is a member of program „Hospital without pain” initialized by Polish Society of Pain Treatment.

Certificate no 2017/37

Acreditation Certificate no 2014/30

On photo Hospital St. Łukasza Końskie

The best flagship of the Health Care Centre in Końskie is a satisfied patient.We would like our logo to be a symbol of high quality, safety and balanced development.


The main function of the Complex is to provide health services aiming at conserving, saving, restoring and improving health in stationary and ambulatory conditions, as well as giving prophylactic health care to employees. The hospital performs conservative, surgical and rehabilitation treatment. General surgery procedures are performed, treatments in the scope of thyroid surgery, oncology, vascular surgery (cutting out aorta aneurysms, aortic grafts on bottom limbs), as well as in the scope of trauma surgery and implants of hip and knee endoprosthetics. Access to laboratory and image diagnostics is ensured twenty-four hours a day (abdominal cavity ultrasound, ultrasound of the thyroid, nipples, hips of newborns, echocardiography, Doppler examinations of vessels, TK etc. The hospital in Końskie has been functioning since 1939 and at the beginning it consisted of: an Isolation and Surgical Ward. After the war the hospital's activity was broadened by an Internal, Obstetrical, Children's and Gynaecology Ward. In 1983 the hospital was moved to a new building, which was intended as a highly-specialized complex, with over 600 hospital beds. Gradually, new specialized wards were equipped and initiated, e.g. Laryngology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Neurology, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic, Surgical, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, Rheumatology Wards. The surgical unit expanded its scope of services by Vascular Surgery and Urology. The founding body of the Health Care Centre is the County Council in Końskie. Since 1998, the Hospital has the title of an accredited hospital (the last accreditation took place in January 2011). Since 1999, the Hospital has the title awarded by UNICEF "Children-Friendly Hospital" for promoting breast feeding. In 2002, the quality management system was implemented in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2000. In 2005, the environmental management system was implemented in accordance with the standard ISO 14001:2004, which was certified in 2006. That same year, the Świętokrzyskie Quality Award and the title of Leader of the Region in the medical profession were obtained for activity in favour of quality and good company management. In 2007, a distinction was received in the first national competition Pearls of Medicine. In accordance with the requirements of the atom law, a system for ensuring quality was introduced in the RTG Ward, which is an integral part of HCC. The system of occupational health and safety management was implemented in accordance with the standard PN-N 18001, which was certified in March 2008. Also in 2008, a distinction was received in the Competition of the Polish Quality Award. The fact that there is a possibility of performing complex patient diagnosis, as well as access to specialized doctors, often unavailable at other hospitals, is very important to patients treated at the Health Care Centre in Końskie. The HCC's aim at the satisfying the needs of patients as best as possible, ensuring access to modern medical technologies, improving the room conditions the realisation of services, translates into better and better opinions of the patients on the standards of services at the HCC. Every year, more and more patients are treated here, and additionally, the percentage of patients from other regions of the voivodeship and country is growing.



Currently, there are 143 doctors and 2 doctors of dentistry working in the hospital, in this, 9 doctors of medical sciences, 101 doctors with the 2nd degree of specialization, 7 with the 1st degree of specialization, 35 without specialization. The hospital also employs 377 nurses, in this 35 with a Masters degree in nursing and 28 midwives in this 1 with a Masters degree in midwifery. The entire medical personnel improve their qualifications at courses and supplement their knowledge during studies at various specialisations. The hospital has been realising the programmes of quality improvement for many years.

Groups of employees in teams, committees and task commissions operate within the hospital:
  • Quality team,
  • Deaths analysis team,
  • Parenteral alimentation treatment team,
  • Infection Control Team,
  • Team for evaluating patients' admissions to organizational cells of the Specialized Hospital and Specialized Clinics in Końskie,
  • Team established for collecting cells, tissues and organs,
  • Consulting and Counselling Team,
  • Team for preparing projects co-financed by funds from the European Union,
  • Team for Supervising the Environmental Management System in accordance with the Standard ISO 14001, as well as occupational health and safety management in accordance with the standard PN 18001.
  • Commission for undesirable events' analysis
  • Commission for stating sustainable and irreversible cease of brain core functions/cerebral death, 
  • Commission for bedsores treatment and prevention,
  • Commission for recruiting and admitting employees.
  • Therapy Committee,
  • Infection Control Committee,
  • Transfusion Committee.