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Surgical Unit


Central Sterilizing Room





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Manager – Marek Chałubiński MD

The Medical Rescue Department consists of a Hospital Rescue Ward and Admission Room.

In the Hospital Rescue Ward we provide ambulatory help and hospitalise patients in all life-threatening conditions, after injuries, poisoning and accidents. We also perform minor procedures in the system of One Day Surgery in Otolaryngology, General surgery, Jaw surgery and Orthopaedics. Thanks to the received accreditation, the Ward conducts specialising training of doctors in Rescue Medicine. Currently, 3 doctors are participating in specialisations.

The Admissions Room registers patients referred for hospitalisation in planning mode.

Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Ward

(041) 39-02-223

Manager - Wojciech Gola MD

Here, the ill in life-threatening conditions are treated. The ward has equipment allowing for constant supervision over the ill with breathing disorders, circulatory failure and multi-organ injuries.

Cardiology Ward

(041) 39-02-311

Manager - Marian Sierant PhD MD

The Ward treats patients with heart diseases. It offers the possibility of putting on a heart electrode and time stimulation of the heart. It also conducts effort tests, ECG using the Holter method and heart Echo.

Internal Diseases Ward with Diabetes Sub-Ward

(041) 39-02-276

Manager - Edward Adamczyk MD

The ward is adjusted to observations and treatment of patients with diseases of internal organs.

Gastroenterology Ward

(041) 39-02-249

Manager - Iga Detka - Kowalska MD

The Ward diagnoses and treats patients with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

General Surgery Ward

(041) 39-02-278

Manager- Zbigniew Sosnowski PhD MD

In the ward, adult and children from 10 years of age are treated. Surgical procedures are performed here: Abdominal cavity, thyroid, nipple, oncological, trauma surgery and laparascopic procedures.

Urology Ward

(041) 39-02-254

Manager -  Lech Lipiec PhD MD

The ward cooperates with the X-ray Department, which performs urological diagnostics for the needs of Urology (Ultrasound, urograph, cystography, pielograph, CT). The ward performs surgeries of the kidneys, urethra and lower urinary ducts, as well as endoscopic surgeries, e.g. lithotripsy of stones in the bladder as well as treats prostate diseases.

Vascular Surgery and Angiology Ward

(041) 39-02-255

Manager - Roman Gołąbek MD

Here, reconstruction surgeries are performed of peripheral vessels and fibrinolytic treatment of thrombo-embolic disease is performed. The ward cooperates with the X-ray Department, in which doctors radiologists perform procedures of expanding and restoring blood flow in the vessel, putting on stents and stent-grafts using a non-surgical method.


Obstetrics: (041) 39-02-371 gynecology: (041) 39-02-184

Manager -  Piotr Kowalczyk MD

In the ward, mothers can be with the children 24 h a day. Family births in specially prepared rooms are proposed, where women can give birth with a loved one present.

Neonatology Ward with Intensive Therapy and Newborn Pathology Positions

(041) 39-02-247

Manager - Krystyna Ściegienna-Werens MD

The ward offers posts for intensive therapy of newborns. The ward promotes breast feeding and enables mothers to be with their children constantly.

Neurology Ward with Trauma Sub-Ward

(041) 39-02-363

Manager -  Waldemar Brola PhD MD

Patients with nervous system diseases and brain vessel disorders are taken care of a highly specialised team consisting of: Neurologists, physiotherapists, speech therapist and a psychologist.

Hospital Rehabilitation Department

(041) 39-02-224

Manager - Marek Werens MD

In the Ward, movement rehabilitation is conducted for persons after accidents, injuries and other disorders, which consist of fitness limitations.


(041) 39-02-345

Manager - Zbigniew Guzera MD

In the Ward, pharmacological treatment is applied, physical therapy kinesis therapy and balneotherapy in patients with rheumatoid diseases. The ward is adjusted to the needs of handicapped persons.


(041) 39-02-240

Manager -  Danuta Mejnartowicz MD

In the Ward, conservative or surgical treatment of eye diseases takes place, such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, cataracts are removed with implanting contacts, injuries of the eyeball are treated.

Dermatological Ward

(041) 39-02-368

Manager - Grażyna Madej MD

In the Ward, patients with acute and chronic skin diseases, as well as venereal diseases are treated.  Allergy tests and diagnostic biopsies are performed, as well as kriotherapy and electrocoagulation.


(041) 39-02-376

Manager - Wojciech Przybylski PhD MD

The ward conducts diagnostics and treatment of children's age diseases up to 18 years of age. For the entire period of stay in the hospital, one of the parents can accompany the child.


(041) 39-02-215

Manager - Urszula Chonin MD

A Dialysis Station operates next to the Ward, equipped with apparatus for hemodialysis, so-called “artificial kidneys”. In the Ward, patients with kidney diseases and arterial hypertension are treated and diagnosed.

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Ward

(041) 39-02-381

Manager - Tomasz Zięba MD

In the Ward, patients with injured motor organs and orthopaedic diseases are treated. Procedures in the scope of trauma  surgery are performed (among others, arthroscopic procedures of the knee joint) and orthopaedic (e.g. prosthesisplastics of the pelvic joint).

Complex Rehabilitation and Physical therapy Clinic

(041) 39-02-239

Manager - Daniel Uryga MSc

The Clinic is the primary rehabilitation base for patients treated in the hospital and Primary Health Care. Complex processes of treatment improving in rheumatic, neurological and cardiological conditions is performed here, as well as post-trauma and –surgical rehabilitation, as well as defects of posture in children.


(041) 39-02-233

Manager - Andrzej Rożek MD

In the Ward, classic X-ray examinations are performed to the full scope, as well as angiographs, ultrasound examinations, Doppler examinations of blood vessels, CT of the whole body, intravascular stents and stent-grafts are put on using the non-surgical method.

Occupational Medicine Clinic

(041) 39-02-354

Manager - Ewa Ziębakowska-Kassyk MD

Doctors admitting in the Clinic deal with performing prophylactic examinations of employees. They are initial, periodical, control and final examinations. Opinions are provided on the ability to work in various profession, among others, drivers and candidates for schools and higher education institutions.

Caring and Nursing Institute

(041) 39-02-334

Manager of the Institute Barbara Narożniak MSc

The Institute is intended for the chronically ill, not requiring intensive treatment, but merely care and nursing by personnel prepared for this function.


The hospital also offers the performance of various chargeable examinations and services without doctor’s referrals.

  •    any laboratory examinations (blood tests, urinary, hormonal tests)
  •     Ultrasound examinations (stomach, arteries, nipples)
  •     procedures in the scope of physical therapy and rehabilitation
  •     specialist doctor’s advice (of each specialisation).

For persons, who want to assess their health and recognise any threats at an early stage, we propose a complex assessment of the health condition.

24-hour stay in the hospital embraces the performance of the following examinations:

  •    morphology, general examination, urine, electrolytes, urea, creatinine, transaminase, ionogram
  •     X-ray of the chest, ultrasound examination of e.g. abdominal cavity, CT
  •     consultation with an internist (with assessment of the level of risk of coronary artery disease)
  •     consultation of an ophthalmologist  
  •     in women: gynaecological examination, cytology, ultrasound of nipples
  •     in men: PSA, urological examination

Admissions take place after prior arrangement with manager

Payment for the stay depends on the examinations performed according to the binding price list in our institute.